Those old ugly farm trucks, we’ve all seen one driving around, and we all have that one neighbor that has one that almost everyone hates because it’s so old, rusty, and ugly. The one’s I’m referring to are the 80’s-90’s trucks weren’t built to win a car show or built for power, but were designed to get you wherever you needed to go hauling anything and everything and not worrying about getting a scratch here or a dent there. There’s a method to their madness…

My Ford F-150 body from JConcepts is one of those, the body has been painted a rusty colored mix of red and brown on the inside and flat, sun faded blue and white on the outside (yes there’s some advanced painting techniques that were used). The idea is, when the truck gets scratches from tree branches, rocks/boulders, and the inevitable rollover, those places where it loses it’s paint will emphasize the old and weathered look that it began

We all have those bodies that we’ve taken hours to lay down that perfect paint job and when you peel back that protective film, it’s like opening a Christmas present, it’s so beautiful and why would you take it out and scratch that perfectly smooth and glossy polycarbonate body. Then while driving with that brand new body that looks so perfect, you try so hard not to crash or get too close to that rock then, you cringe after that first scratch or rolling it because of all the time you’ve put into it, only after that you calm down a bit until you get the body back into your vehicle and realize what you’ve done, lol. Believe me, I’m definitely one of those people, I have several bodies that are reserved for glamor shots and when done they go back in my “man cave’ only to collect dust until I decide to bring them back out.


After painting up a body from the inside a rust or silver color then lay down the final color paint job with the knowledge that it’s going to look better because of the trail marks and the rocks scraping the sides is very refreshing. I went out with a buddy of mine with my F-150 Farm truck with this in mind, it was a totally different experience than any other time I’ve gone out. Every time that body rubbed up against a rock or took a tumble down, I was excited to see what the natural elements had enhanced on the body, every scratch and part of dust just made that body that much more realistic, by the time I had drained my last battery, the body looked amazing and I didn’t feel bad at all putting it into my trunk, I still have yet to clean it up (I’m trying hard to combat my OCD to have clean bodies all the time).


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