KrawlZone Episodes THE BEST OF SEMA 2016 // THE OFF-ROAD FLOOR


Mr KrawlZone and John “Nobody” Jacobs, stepped away from our usual extreme rock crawling and hit the ground running at this years SEMA in Las Vegas NV, and it was epic. The duo got to see all the upcoming off-road products and trends that have been developed for the off-road community. There were also a lot of builds from mild to down right wild at this years show. Not the least of these was the Hauk .45 inspired by the legendary gun that won the west. The Colt .45 and this classic Willy’s definitely calls out to that era and the details in this beast were amazing.

We also got up close and personal with our friends at Nitro Gear and Axle, BDS suspension, and Rad Flo, among others.


Now the Convention was so full and crammed packed that we didn’t even make it out of the Off-Road floor to check out the rest of the show. And even still, this episode only touches on the tip of the ice berg of what was available for the 4×4 enthusiast.

Special thanks to the Big Sarge, Matt Westrich for his co-hosted segments in this episode.

Caveate – Some audio technical difficulties entered in that we didn’t catch at the time so please for give us. There were a couple of really great interviews that had completely unusable audio, and Mr KrawlZone bows his head in shame that you didn’t get to hear about all the awesome new products from ARB, Teraflex, Comeup Winch, Hauk Designs and others. We look forward to hooking up with these great companies at a later date, so stay tuned.

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