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I’ve always been a fan of Trophy Trucks and Prerunners, especially their suspension setups. When I started out in the off-raod part of the hobby it was a Traxxas Slash that pulled me in. Once I started looking at the real life counterparts, I quickly realized that it was missing that solid rear axle and the awesome rear trailing arms! A few short months later there was a truck from HPI Racing that caught my eye, the Mini Trophy Desert Truck (MTDT), that had a four link rear suspension with some awesome trailing arms. Now, Axial Racing (they have some distinct ties with the HPI MTDT0 has started releasing some awesome trailing arm suspensions, first with the 1/10 Yeti Rock Racer, then the Yeti XL, then the RR10 Bomber and the Yeti SCORE TT.

I have now turned my trailing arm obsession onto the Axial Racing 12″ wheelbase Deadbolt. I was sent out some custom length trailing arms from MFR and some super adjustable shock mounts and shock mount extenders from .

Once that was mounted I took it out for a quick test drive, the torque twist was unbelievable, even when I turned right slowly it would pick up the inside tire and wave. To combat that, I installed a front Axial Wraith sway bar kit to minimize the twist and waving.

I then took it out and tested my final setup and it performed as good as I hoped it would, It is very comparable to the stock linked setup but I felt it was a tad bit smoother and had a lot more travel.




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