Off-Road Lifestyle WE Rock Eastern Series Round 1 K2 Mason TX 3/28-29/2020 Entry Form

WE Rock Eastern Series Round 1 K2 Mason TX 3/28-29/2020 Entry Form

W.E. Rock Eastern Round 1 in Mason, Texas is postponed.
It’s a crazy time, I felt like yesterday was all doomsday as event after event canceled. Moab closed, our hotel reservations dried up and canceled. It’s weird. I understand, but it’s hard.

We believe that we can manage social distancing at the event, but since there are people that are asymptomatic and can’t know if they have the virus, we don’t want to be the ones that potentially bring the virus into this small community.

It’s tough, I’m both sad and angry, and understanding at all the same time. The economic impact of this virus is going to be far bigger than the health impact, I fear. We’re fine, but the impact of events spreads much further than just the promoter. It spreads to the park owners, the food vendors, the shirt suppliers, to the local restaurants and gas stations, hotels, and further out to camper suppliers, tire manufacturers and the like. Everything we do impacts each other.
At this time, we’d ask you to be patient and kind. The reaction to the virus is both fluid and dynamic, we hope it is under control soon and life, as we know it, gets back to a semblance of balance.
We are not posting a new date right now, it seems premature.
The next event at Sand Hollow is still on, however, we reserve the right to postpone as more information comes to light.
For those that pre-registered, I am issuing a refund, i will process today.
Thank you for understanding, Rich and I are doing the best we can under the circumstances. /shelley
Thanks for believing in us…we’ll be back.  
Rich and Shelley Klein


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