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Strike Force Zebra’s Easy Air Up-down Tool

Air Command is the easy air up/down tool that lets you adjust the tire pressure in all four tires simultaneously, with a simple app.

Watch this video to see how it’s built and how it works.

Visit the website here for purchasing options.

How much time and trouble does it take to get your tires aired up (and down) when you head out on the trail? Looking for an easy, and automatic, solution? You need airCommand! The innovative four-tire, app-based airing system for on- or off-road uses. Using wireless technology, through your phone or other connected IOS or Android device, you can set a target air pressure, and with a click of a button, airCommand will take it from there! Automatically adding or releasing air to quickly meet your selected target.

With airCommand, you will no longer need to constantly monitor, and manually make tire adjustments before you hit the trail with your off-road vehicle. Gone are the days of spring-based airing devices that stick, or gum up and allow for inaccurate pressure settings. Now you simply set, start and go!

Includes everything you need for four tire connections.  Or air one tire at a time. Quick-release tire connection valves included.

Features of your new Air Command system


  • Fully integrated with Strike Force Zebra’s Central Command
  • Supports IOS and Android phones, tablets or other devices
  • Wireless freedom to select, set, activate, and monitor
  • Supports compressors, air tanks or any other pressure source
  • Easy to install
  • Customizable security access code
  • Customizable favorites for quick selection of commonly used settings
  • Separate functions for other manual air in or out functions
  • Works autonomously not requiring a phone to monitor the results
  • Mounting kits available for dual in-cab connection points



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