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Mister KrawZone is Jealous

krawlzone Jeepster

Nobody’s classic Willy’s Jeepster find has Mister KrawlZone feeling giddy with jealousy. But Nobody smooths things over by letting his buddy, take this classic for a drive.

It all started with a picture that John Jacobs, (aka Nobody) texted to my phone a few months ago. The photo was of a classic, early 50’s Jeepster. Not the rugged kind of Willy’s you might be used to. Rather a convertable Sedan of sorts really, but featuring that Iconic Willy’s Grill usually associated with the early utility wagon. Black and red, wit a white top, chrome trim and black seats.

Under the photo was the caption, “Look what I got”. I started to drool. This was by far the nicest car John has ever had the chance to own. My first question was whether or not he had a garage to keep it in. It was too nice of a find to just leave out in the back yard to collect sand and be beat by the weather.

Once he assured me he had a nice place to keep it my heart settled down. I was really excited to see it in person and this past week I had my chance. My favorite part of it is the three on the tree. My first car in high school had a three on the tree, and being able to drive the ol Willy’s Jeepster and shift that ol’ column sitting next to my high school buddy… well it brought back a lot of nostalgic memories of our adventures from back in the day.

willys jeepster side view

We’re excited to share this rare piece of classic Jeep history with you. Here is a simple little clip of me getting to put around, but you’ll get to see it in our booth at the Winter 4×4 Jamboree. We’ll be doing a segment on it for our first episode of 2020 and we’ll give you all the details on this amazing find.

Until then. Jeep On!


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