KrawlZone Episodes krawlzone-episode-00-king-hammers-2011


Before the Official KrawlZone Launch, there was episode DOUBLE ZERO!

While putting together our official launch of season one, episode one, We attended our first King of the Hammers and were so blown away, we dropped everything and made this episode first. We’re bringing you the most Bad to the Bone Ultra 4 Action from Johnson Valley California. Yes, this is the King of the Hammers Race, 2011 and KrawlZone is bringing you all the epic action and carnage that this rock crawling race can muster.

“Yes this is pre-beard. Really this is pre-KrawlZone if you think about it. No one even knew who we were. But what a great way to burst onto the scene. BUT… that said, PLEASE, please be kind, this was my first time hosting, not only KrawlZone, but any show. Yup I was way out of my league in this episode.”
~ Mister KrawlZone


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