OffRoad NEWS Jeep Wrangler Fluid Capacities –

Jeep Wrangler Fluid Capacities –

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Keep scrolling to see the fluid Charts for your Wrangler.

In order to ensure your Wrangler stays in prime running condition it’s best practice to routinely check the fluids. It’s better to prevent issues from arising then fixing them when they do. Here are the fluid capacities laid out for your Jeep JK, YJ and TJ.

Motor oil, coolant, brake, transmission, power steering,and differential fluids are the lifeblood of automobiles everywhere. Supporting the mechanical functions necessary for acceleration and braking,these vital liquids lubricate, isolate,and thermally protect a vehicle’s mechanical components. Knowing what type, as well as the quantity, when replenishing or replacing fluids can save a lot of headache as well as prolong the life of your Jeep Wrangler’s engine.To provide the ultimate Wrangler fluids reference, the writers at ExtremeTerrain(XT) have assembled their definitiveW rangler fluid capacities technical guide. Providing all YJ to JL Wrangler with the fluid specifications needed to maintain their Jeeps, XT’s guide comes in handy—especially if your vehicle’s owner’s manual has gone missing


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