Combustion Industry News How To: Properly Break-In A NEW Ring & Pinion Gear Set

How To: Properly Break-In A NEW Ring & Pinion Gear Set

The information here was provided by our friends at Nitro Gear and Axle and has been published as a public service by KrawlZone!

You got your gears installed & your vehicle is ready to hit the road? Next Step – The 500 Mile Break-In!

Watch this video as we detail exactly what you need to do to properly break in a brand new gear set. Below is the written outline, feel free to save reference, or share with friends!

BREAK-IN PROCEDURE: In order to prevent damage to differential components it is essential to follow the break-in procedure after installation of a new ring & pinion. New ring & pinions will generate more heat initially after installation and can cause gear oil to break down, leading to premature failure.

Premature overloading/overheating will cause gear oil to breakdown, and may result in parts failure.

-Nitro Gear

On your first drive, stop after the first 15 or 20 miles and let the differential cool for 20-25 minutes before proceeding. Repeat these steps for the first 45 miles if you have the ability to. Drive conservatively for the first 500 miles following installation (avoid hard acceleration & towing). Change the gear oil after the first 500 miles.

After completing standard break-in, tow for very short distances (15-20 Miles MAX) and let the differential cool before continuing during the first 45 towing miles. This will remove any gear marking compound or phosphorus coating left over from the initial gear oil fill-up.


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