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F-150 Oil Separators Tested and Explained VIDEO

In this episode of AmericanTrucks’ (AT) ‘What’s Up With That’, Justin Dugan breaks out the graduated cylinder to explain and test oil separators. Sometimes referred to as a ‘catch can’, these devices are extremely beneficial to forced induction, direct injected engines which lack supplemental port injection.

If you have an early 3.5L or 2.7L EcoBoost engine, or know someone who does, this educational video will inform on ways to prolong engine life by keeping engine internals, like intake manifold and valves, clean from any blow-by related build-up.

Ford F-150 oil separators probably head the list of items that should be factory stock in every pickup truck, but aren’t. Backpressure in the crankcase sends oil vapors back through the intake system where the vapor condenses out and either befouls various working parts or cuts the octane of your truck’s gasoline by diluting it. Superchargers make this problem even worse. However oil separators, which fit inline into the PCV hosing, help prevent this problem. You can install either one or two oil separators in a Ford F-150. These cans include a knurled base that can be detached to empty the captured oil and a mesh filter element that condenses out the oil vapor before it can reach anything vital. CNC machined billet aluminum is a common material for these separators, since it stands up well to corrosive, hot conditions in the engine. Both polished and black finishes are available so that you can match it up to your engine décor if you prefer making your engine compartment look classy too.


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