Originally posted by Rich Derry on November 20, 2015

It was a 1/10 Traxxas Slash 2wd Short Course truck back in 2009 that sucked me into the off road part of the RC hobby since then, I’ve always had a place in my RC garage for a short course truck. When I received the Axial Racing Yeti a few months after it was released before Krawl Zone RC was even thought up,  I always thought that this thing would be amazing with a big ‘ol truck body on it and turn it into a 4wd trophy truck with a solid rear axle.

Little did I know, Axial had big plans to do just that to the Yeti and the result is nothing short of awesome! Axial didn’t just take the Yeti and slap a big trophy truck body on it and call it good, they did their homework and put so many details into this that with the right angle and this thing could easily be mistaken for a fullsize rig!

Check out the pics and write up from Axial Racing:

SCORE® International, the premier world championship desert racing association, was founded in 1973 by the legendary Mickey Thompson. This race organization is home to the world famous Baja 1000 and Baja 500 events. If you live in Southern California, chances are you have seen the iconic red, white and blue SCORE® decals adorning off road vehicles all over the place. This desert racing series was the early inspiration for short course racing events, as organizers tried to bring desert racing to the masses in confined spaces. That’s right, short course off road racing was born in the desert. In true Axial style, we brought you a new R/C vehicle replicating desert racing’s top level competition vehicles, the SCORE® Trophy Truck®.

Axial didn’t stop there. We partnered with the top companies actively developing their products through desert racing to take authenticity to the next level. The Axial SCORE® Trophy Truck® is suspended by a set of aluminum King Shocks rocking the iconic blue shock caps, rod ends, ride height adjusters and springs. King Shocks is a company who has all but dominated the sport through the years providing the latest technology known to man to conquer the harsh terrain of Baja.


Axial also partnered with BFGoodrich® to bring you accurate replicas of the latest spec desert racing tire, the Baja T/A® KR2. This tire has already produced wins at both the Baja 1000 and the grueling King of the Hammers events. A set of five functional BFGoodrich® tires mounted to the extremely strong 105 Method Race wheels provide the connection to dirt. The fifth wheel and tire being a functional spare accessed quickly from the rear of the Trophy Truck® cage.

The other partners on this vehicle are names synonymous with success in the desert:

Rigid Industries – The best lighting available for pitch black night racing in Baja
Lowrance – GPS units to help keep you on course in extremely dusty conditions
Fuel Safe – Custom fuel bladders for the aluminum fuel cells on board.
Pro Am Racing products – Spindles, hubs, brakes and power steering racks
Magnaflow – Exhaust systems for maximum performance and mean sound
PCI Race Radios – Communication between driver, co-driver, chase vehicles and pits
Rancho Drivetrain Engineering – Bullet proof transmissions
Sparco – Safety equipment, and the best molded seats in the business.


Now Asia Tees Hobbies and Boom Racing have put together the ultimate Yeti Trophy Truck…Check it out:

Our build team has finished messing with the brand-new Axial Yeti SCORE Trophy Truck. Enter the Big Score – a Yeti SCORE kitted out with a massive list of Boom Racing upgrades.

When the Yeti SCORE trophy truck arrived at our offices earlier in the week, our build team couldn’t wait to open her up, root around inside her insides, pull everything apart and start rebuilding her from the ground up.


Well, she’s been rebuilt. Stronger. Tougher. The Big Damn Score.

Over 400g beefier than when she arrived out of the box, her formerly pristine chassis is now a glorious mess of Boom Racing gunmetal parts. Thanks to the Yeti platform the SCORE shares with its rock racing brothers, it was amazing how much we already had in store that could fit on this baby. She runs like half a dream and half a monster. This probably isn’t what Axial had in mind when they first started shipping out the first SCOREs, but hey. They haven’t invented something yet that we don’t want to upgrade.


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