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Trail Ready Wrangler JLU Build Video

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ExtremeTerrain’s (XT) Merideth Evasew brings you her latest episode from XT’s Throttle Out YouTube video series featuring a trail ready JLU Wrangler build. In this Throttle Out episode, Mer selects several premium Jeep mods to breathe some style, and trail-readiness, into a daily-driven JLU.

Featuring products from brands like Teraflex, Smittybilt, Rock-Slide Engineering, and RedRock 4×4, among others, Merideth walks you through her process from conception to completion, to bring function and form together in one awesome off-road package.

Teraflex 2.5” lift w/ shocks :

Smittybuilt 9,500 lb Winch :

Rock-Slide Engineering Gen II Step Sliders:

RedRock 13” Short Antenna:

When it comes to building a Jeep Wrangler, many people need to balance daily driving comfort without sacrificing performance on the trails. Stop and go traffic with 40’s, a 4″ lift, and MPG’s that will make your wallet cry aren’t too appealing, right? In this episode of Throttle Out, we have a customer’s JL Wrangler in the shop to get several new parts. This build will allow for a stylish appearance, ready to hit the trails, but without making that daily commute dreadful.

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