KrawlZone Episodes Season One Throwback // Rikki And The Rockett Rubicon

Season One Throwback // Rikki And The Rockett Rubicon

KrawlZone Hangs with Poison Drummer Rikki Rockett and Poison Spyder Customs in CA

In season one, the KrawlZone team headed west to the Poison Spyder Compound for the unveiling of a new Jeep build created for Rikki Rockett, drummer for the 80’s hair band “Poison”. Afterward we headed to the hills to do a little rock crawling in Rikki’s new ride along with Larry McRea and the Poison Spyder Crew. Keep an eye out for supplies from our friends from Rigid Industries, sPOD, Poison Spyder Customs and more.

Don’t just sit there, Watch it now!

Keep watching for more off-road, rock crawling videos with KrawlZone.



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