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Is the JL the Best Jeep Yet – Xtreme Terrain

Our friends at Extreme Terrain have put together a comprehensive look at the JL. If your wondering what the JL might have in store, then you’ll want to check out this video.

The time has finally come! We’ve got our hands on one of the first 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL Sahara 4 door’s off of the production line. Watch as we take you through a complete overview and walkaround of everything new with the 2018 JL Wrangler. What should we do next to our Jeep?


From the Extreme Terrain Website

2018 JL Wrangler Key Production Dates

Production of the 2018 JL Wrangler is ramping up just as manufacture of the 2017 JK Wrangler winds down, meaning you’ll soon be able to get this exciting new take on the time-tested Jeep out on the road or trail for fresh adventures! Here are some important 2018 Wrangler & 2019 Wrangler Truck production dates that give you a snapshot of this thrilling new era in the Jeeping world.

  • November 2017: The 2018 JL Wrangler Order Banks open – enabling you to go to your local dealership and put money down on a new Jeep, so that you can get it as soon as possible.

  • November 15th, 2017: On this date, the assembly lines in Toledo, Ohio started building the first JL Wranglers, getting mass production underway to prepare for early 2018 shipment.

  • January 2018: You should be able to turn the key in the ignition of your new JL Wrangler sometime in January 2018 when the vehicles arrive at dealerships for sale and pickup.

  • July 2018: 2018 model year production ends in July, allowing FCA to switch focus to building the 2019 JL Wrangler, developing its new features and improvements.

  • September 2018: In September 2018, FCA will start putting together the eagerly awaited 2019 JT Wrangler pickup truck for the 2019 model year, to be released early the next year.

Read more about Extreme Terrains list of most anticipated parts for the JL, CLICK HERE <.


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