Off-Road Lifestyle SD126 Tribute – Remembering the BDS Orange F250

SD126 Tribute – Remembering the BDS Orange F250

Coldwater, MI – Its with a heavy heart that we pay tribute to one of our most iconic builds to date, Project SD126, our go anywhere, desert race themed, short wheelbase Ford Super Duty. Built by the BDS engineering team over the course of about 3 months in late 2017, this truck was overhauled from the ground up to make its debut at the 2017 SEMA Show front and center in Ford¹s booth and promote at events across the country over the last year.
Tragically, while on tour the building it had been stored in caught fire burning the truck to the ground. Take a look back with us as we recap the build, the promotion and ultimately the demise of Project SD126.

Its hard to believe she’s gone, here’s a look back at the build, promotion and the demise of BDS’s Project SD126. For more on the story head to the BDS Blog at


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